Hello Neighbor Granny Mod

Good neighborly relations are great. Well, when there is, someone to ask for salt or borrow a few rubles for beer. And drink this very beer together on a bench in the yard. Unfortunately, not all neighbors are friendly. The hero of our game with them was not lucky at all. He did not have time to move to a new quiet town and settle down in a cozy house, where, it would seem, nothing terrible could happen, as he was faced with a real threat to life. And all his exorbitant curiosity and habit of prying into other people’s affairs. Perhaps, if it had not occurred to him to get into the neighbor’s house and check that he was hiding in the basement, which was so jealously guarding against prying eyes, this would not have happened. But now it’s too late, you’re inside, and the neighbor’s sniff is heard very close. So either pan or gone! Explore a huge mansion, in the depths of which lurks something monstrous, and help prevent future killer, proving to the whole city that one of its decent inhabitants is, in fact, a ruthless maniac!


Jul 10, 2019 - Posted by IH5Us9YCoG

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