A House for Alesa 3

The 3rd installment of A House for Alesa.

One year after the events of A House for Alesa 2, Alesa and Greta decide to move away from the city and buy a house in a nice small rural town. However, unbeknownst to them, something wicked is taking place in the town. Now, the worst nightmare imaginable is about to begin…


  • Voice acting
  • 10 different outfits (once you find an outfit, you can use it anywhere)
  • 6 boss battles
  • 12 endings (only one of them is canon and has a post credits scene)
  • Improved graphics
  • Improved gameplay
  • Enchanced jiggle phyics
  • Ghostly pets
  • Horror and humor
  • Over 25 death animations
  • Puzzles that aren’t so bad…
  • A cave waifu
  • Unique soundtrack by A. V. Dossow and an intro song featuring the amazing Norwegian artist Benedicte BG “Baelien”



  • Created by A. V. Dossow with Rpg Maker MZ
  • Intro song “Dear Alesa” by Benedicte BG “Baelien”