Backrooms Trials

Backstage Trials is an atmospheric horror game where you find yourself trapped in a death trap in the backstage. Here you have to go through a terrible test, on which the life of the protagonist will depend. The player will have to find three keys to open the door that will lead out of the terrible dimension. It will not only be difficult, but also very dangerous. Indeed, among the yellow corridors, a hungry monster roams. A monster can drive you crazy with just its appearance. This is a creepy creature of huge growth and long limbs. But the worst thing is that the monster has no face, but instead just a piece of scar tissue. One solid scar can scare more than the most terrible grin.

How to play?
Perhaps this something was once a person. But now it is a hungry and ferocious creature that knows no mercy. In order not to run into the inhabitant of Backrums, you must be as careful as possible. Constantly look around and listen. When the monster approaches, you will hear its chilling cries. Which means you have to get your feet out of there. Good luck!