Baldi’s Basics Classic

Baldi’s Basics Classic has already prepared the most dangerous and terrible trials for new students. Meet the good old Baldi, who loves unsolvable equations, loves his pointer and is always dedicated. The essence of the game is that, once at school, you have to collect seven notebooks, but before you take them you will solve problems. Horror will begin from the moment you answer incorrectly. And now … just run!

What will happen if you do not cope with the solution of problems?

As soon as you fail the “exam” from Baldi, he will take his favorite line and start looking for you. He always knows where you are, so you should immediately run away. Leave, maneuver among the desks, bypass it and try not to collide with other characters at school, they will definitely delay you, and Baldi is only at hand. Participating in this excitement: Sock, Hooligan, Girl, Cleaner and even the headmaster himself. The most interesting is waiting for you right after the first math test, good luck!

Baldi’s Basics Classic is a game that can be played on android, so you can take part in an unusual horror story about school anywhere, especially if you are bored. From the first seconds of the adventure, you will forget about everything except the fact that you have to escape from the evil teacher. If you want to go through other versions of the game, click on the Baldi Basix section and choose what you like best.