baldi’s basics full game

Baldi is back! Your mood should slowly rise already, because before you Baldi Basix Complete Game. The time has come to know the true power of this teacher’s inadequate anger, because this time you do not even have to solve problems for Baldi to begin to pursue you. The full version of the horror did not come out, only the demo version of the full game, but you can already find out what changes the entertainment has undergone, what exactly has been added, what has changed and so on.

So, if you are a fan of this toy, then be sure to appreciate the new mechanisms, that is, you have to plunge into the same crazy world, but more thoughtful and improved. The school will have an elevator, many new corridors, new rooms and even a playground on the street where you can find apples and bars.

Today you will have to postpone all training materials, because the time has come for real fear. No time to learn, it’s time to run away! Collect notebooks as before, look for clues and auxiliary items, and try to get out of the confined space. All the levels that you have to go through will be randomly generated, and there will be even more characters. Of course, they will not fill the entire space, but will be randomly dropped in packs as well as the level. If you used to be afraid of Baldi, now the game has become even more creepy, especially if you play alone and with headphones. Run away as quickly as possible, but be careful not to be caught by a director who will make it easier for a mathematician to catch and punish you.