Bendy and the Ink Machine

The game Bendy and the Ink Machine is the horror genre where you will need to explore a large workshop. The story begins with a guy named Henry, who used to work as a cartoonist, decided to take his friend to the workshop where they used to work. Henry did not even suspect that when he entered the building, there would be something terrible. There is no friend there, and there are brushes on the floor and ink stains. All this is strange, the protagonist of the game thought and decided to go search, maybe someone still remained here. Then you will understand that the ink machine has literally broken the chain and is going to ramp up. There are a lot of strange drawings on the walls and on the floor, and they look scary too. You are required to walk through the rooms and maybe you are lucky to meet that very animated character.


W – to move forward.
S Key – You Can Never Go Back!