Big Shot Boxing

Get ready for some super cool boxing action in Big Shot Boxing! It’s a game where you become a boxing champ and work your way up to be a legend in the boxing Hall of Fame! First, pick your awesome fighter, get a coach, and learn some awesome moves. Use jabs, crosses, and uppercuts to take on your opponents, and always keep that guard up. Throw some sweet combos to surprise them!

Win by getting the most points or knocking out your opponent – it’s all about being the boxing superstar! Climb up the ranks, and don’t forget to train your skills like health, power, chin, and recovery. If you ever go down in a fight, you’ve got 10 seconds to bounce back!

Earn some cool money to jazz up your character with special gloves, shorts, and boots. There are tons of achievements waiting for you too – win matches, grab titles, and defend your championship! Can you make it to the Hall of Fame and become the ultimate boxing hero?

This flash game is now playable again online.

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • Right arrow – jab
  • Left arrow – cross
  • X – uppercut
  • Z – block