Bigfoot game

This creature is even incomprehensible to eat for real or not. There are legends that it is somewhere in server America, but whether it is true or not is still unknown. In this game, you will help the little hero walk through the woods in search of a real bigfoot. He is scary according to rumors, all covered in wool, it seems that he really is like a monkey. His height is quite high, starting from one and a half meters, ending somewhere up to three meters. The shoulders are very wide and muscle tissue is developed by nature, even going to the gym is unnecessary. It is important to understand that looking for his business is dangerous, because with a positive development of events, you will meet him, and then there will be big problems. It is important to pump your main character, because there is no desire to die immediately when you meet him, he can be a strong opponent.


Arrows – walk
Mouse – action