Blogger Prank Master

“Blogger Prank Master” is an entertaining game with puzzle elements in which you have to help the main character gain his first million subscribers by filming hilarious pranks! You have 50 exciting levels ahead of you, in which you have to set various tricky traps for your friend to catch his reaction on camera and collect as many likes as possible.


First, you have to choose the appearance of your character. Thanks to the handy editor, it will only take a short time. Then you must search for all the necessary items for the next Prank. Be very attentive because some objects can be quite well hidden. If you can’t find them in any way, use the free hint by clicking the light bulb in the upper left corner of the screen. You should hurry up because you’ll have only a few seconds to prepare the Prank. Also, only touch some things in a row because it can lead to a drop in your rating. Add stylish outfits to your closet, buy new equipment, and become the most popular blogger ever!