Step into the shadows and embrace your vampiric nature in this gripping top-down game, where you assume the role of a cunning vampire on a quest to create an army of ghouls. Your primary objective is to strategically bite unsuspecting people, turning them into loyal ghouls who can, in turn, spread the vampiric curse. Navigate through a world filled with challenges, where you must decide whether to hide in the darkness, evade vigilant guards, or employ your lethal sword to eliminate obstacles in your path.

The gameplay unfolds across five engaging levels, each presenting a unique set of challenges and obstacles for you to overcome. Plan your bites to create a growing army of loyal followers, and witness the thrilling chain reactions as your ghouls spread the vampiric curse among the unsuspecting populace. Be mindful, however, as your actions will not go unnoticed – guards patrol the area, armed and ready to thwart your vampiric ambitions. Choose wisely when to hide and when to unsheathe your sword for a swift and silent takedown.

Beware of the keen senses of dogs, which can detect your presence even when hidden. Evade these vigilant creatures or employ cunning strategies to neutralize them without alerting the guards. The balance between stealth, strategy, and combat is crucial for survival in this dark and atmospheric world.

With each level, the stakes are raised, and your vampiric abilities are put to the test. Can you navigate the intricate challenges, build your army of ghouls, and emerge victorious against the forces that seek to extinguish the vampiric presence? Immerse yourself in a world where the shadows hold both danger and opportunity, and discover the true power that lies within the night.


  • Use your power to lure villagers towards you.
  • Cast it on your self to disguise as one of them but be carefull near dogs!
  • When your minions are idleing around send them to the location where you cast the curse!


  • Turn the wells into bloodfountains which heal you for an short amount of time!


  • Avoid these treacherous places. They will harm you and your minions!


  • Get a good bite out of those villagers to turn them into minions, but never bite the guards. They swore a holy oath towards their deity.


  • Made by Thetra00
  • This Game was made for the 14. Piratesoftware Jam
  • View game jam entry here

Just Have Fun!

How to Play:

  • MOVE: WASD  & Arrows
  • Aim: Mousecursor
  • Attack: Left Mouse  & E
  • Curse: Right Mouse & Q
  • Interaction: F
  • Bite: F
  • Dash: Space