Blumgi Slime

Blumgi Slime is a fun game that can be played in both 1P and 2P modes. Move, elastic your way to conquer all final destinations in each level.

The character in the game this time is a lovely slime. Your task is to bring this slime to the endpoint at each level. This is a not too difficult task but also requires you to have basic skills to control slime. To get good skills you need to understand the principle of slime movement. When the slime is pumped it will bounce high and far. When the slime falls, the gas pumped into the slime is exhausted. Using this you can control the slime easily.

Play Level

The game has all 150 levels of play. In each level, you will have different ending points. Each level will end quickly if your movement skills are good. So to conquer all 150 levels today is possible.

World in Blumgi Slime

Experience the game you will be stepping into the diverse worlds in the game. The game has all 30 worlds for conquest. At the end of 10 levels, you will be transported to a new world. Each one will bring you more challenges and new features. World 30 will be your final destination in this game. Are you ready to conquer all the worlds in this game? Now let’s start with the first world!

Graphics and Sound

The game is designed with minimalist graphics and harmonious and clear colors. Besides, the sound in the game is extremely lively. Great sound and graphics make for an engaging game not to be missed.

How to play

1 player

  • Hold and release the left mouse button to play

2 players

  • Player 1: Hold and release the A key to play
  • Player 2: Hold and release the M key to play
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