Bullet Force

Weapon Power is the online game Bullet Force Multiplayer. This game is a realistic 3D battlefield! Play it yourself, or with the team! The game will introduce you to various types of weapons, route maps and much more. You will have the opportunity to kill all your enemies on a realistic schedule. Also, you can play conquests in team battle mode. You will be waiting for obstacles with which you will surely cope. You will control your city and what is happening in it. But there will be enormous competition between all cities. You will choose to compete against other cities, prison, ruins, forests and maps, weapons and much more. You will need to configure your weapons and all equipment. Rifles, pistols, explosives and grenades will become your best friends! The game is filled with an unusual and intriguing plot! Everyone will be able to find what he was looking for! Weapon Power – the online game Bullet Force Multiplayer, is one of the best online shooter games! Plunge into the world of victories, the world of weapons and 3D graphics with us!