Christmas Night Of Horror: Christmas Day Of Fun Game

We’re used to Christmas being a bright and kind holiday. But what if it turns into an absolute nightmare and terrifies you? Now you will plunge into the worst holiday nightmare of your life! All your deepest fears will come true in the “Christmas Night Of Horror: Christmas Day Of Fun” game! Scary monsters have stolen all the Christmas presents and attacked Santa Claus. Now the poor Santa and his helpers have become a hostage of evil. Only a hero like you can cope with the undead and save Christmas.


Here is a collection of holiday nightmare games featuring legendary horror and creepypasta heroes. To start the game, choose it from a list of Christmas monsters such as Slenderman, Slenderina, Jeff and Lew, Jane and Nina, and, Momo and Siren Head. In each game, you must find seven Santa Clauses or seven Christmas presents, repelling monster attacks and destroying the undead. In the most recent match, Christmas Fun, you’ll have to deal with all the monsters. It won’t be easy, but you’ll get real action and a massive dose of adrenaline! Enjoy the game, and good luck!