Clown Park – Hide And Seek

Many of us loved to watch funny circus performances as children, but over time, under the influence of modern pop culture, some people have developed a fear of these smiling artists. And not unreasonably! After all, it is clowns that can most often be found in a fairly large number of well-known horror films, where they are presented as ruthless maniacs or bloodthirsty monsters from other dimensions! “Clown Park: Hide and Seek” is a new arcade game in which you will have the opportunity to tickle your nerves by taking part in survival chases! Several exciting modes will be available for your choice, including a camp of hunters or fugitives. Also, if you can’t decide on a choice or want a little intrigue, you can choose a random mode so that the game itself decides which side you will be on.

How to play?
Survivors must collect a certain number of keys in order to open the locked gate and successfully escape before the timer runs out. Don’t step into the paint puddles, because then you will leave traces behind you, by which you can be easily tracked down. The clown is obliged to find and catch all the hidden fugitives in order to turn them into his minions. In the event that the hunter finds the key earlier, he can break it, thereby forcing the survivor to spend more time looking for another key. Open chests with various bonuses such as acceleration, invisibility or the ability to pass through walls. Use portals to quickly move around the map. Earn diamonds and gold coins that you will need to purchase unique skins for your character. Improve the talent tree, thanks to which you can gain a significant advantage. Have fun and get daily bonuses for entering the game!

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