ClownScapades Rally 

ClownScapades Rally dive you into the realm of stylized survival horror game that center around a protagonist whose life takes a haunting turn following an encounter with Clownie, a clown figure, at a birthday celebration. A series of nightmarish visions ensue, propelling the player into unsettling dreamscapes.

In one dream, the player awakens within a sewer’s confines, embarking on a treacherous expedition into its uncharted depths. Little do they realize, they’re unraveling a forgotten tale—a soul once lost in a similar ordeal, leading to a heartrending demise. While navigating through the eerie realms, the player’s mission evolves into releasing the ensnared souls trapped within these nightmarish realms.

You met him from your birthday party, as one of your family members had hired him to entertain the crowd, however things go dark as you start to have nightmares about him and you end up in strange, unfamiliar places within them…