Creepy Tale

Going for mushrooms to the forest, you never think that this is a very dangerous activity. So dangerous that you can’t return home. So the main character of the game Creepy Tale, going to the forest mushrooms with his brother did not think about anything bad. But soon this campaign will turn into trouble for the brothers. One will be kidnapped by an ominous evil spirits, and the other completely wanders in a dark and frightening forest. It seems that behind each tree is someone who wants to kill him. The game is an explosive mixture of atmospheric two-dimensional platformer, puzzle and indie, so you definitely won’t be bored. The game is designed for only one player, so there is no reason to hope for the help of a friend. You need to be courageous and alone try to save your brother and get out of the forest alive.

How to play
First of all, you need to get used to the gloomy and chilling atmosphere of the blood and soul. Then the developers did their best and you have to be pretty scared. Since this is partly a quest, you will need to take care of collecting all sorts of useful stuff that you may need along the way. Especially take the trouble to collect what you can protect yourself, because you are not on an idle walk, and the forest is simply teeming with dangerous creatures. But in addition to the quest, you will also have to run, sometimes hide, sometimes jump high, and it may hurt to fall. And between all these action actions, you will still be asked to solve puzzles. As you progress through the game you will discover a long-standing tragedy that befell the once-calm and majestic forest, turning it into a resident evil. Perhaps you didn’t get here by accident, and it is you who must save this place and all its inhabitants from what happened here once. Try to shed light on those long-standing events. Perfectly matched musical accompaniment completes the incomparable gloomy man of this game. Fans catch up on the horror of 100% will be satisfied!