Dead Trigger 2

Here is one of the most successful horror first-person shooter games, where your hero needs to complete a number of specific tasks and survive, participating in crazy shootouts with the living dead. From other games, this game is distinguished by a twisted plot, beautiful graphics, a diverse world and a huge selection of weapons, starting with a fire ax and ending with the famous desert eagle with a great return. If you are ready to experience primal horror, then boldly begin your journey as a zombie fighter in a post-apocalyptic world. In the game, you can acquire weapons, look for caches, create weapons, and of course test them on endless crowds of the dead. In addition to small arms, your assistants who create weapons help to trade, improve performance, and can create not quite simple weapons. For example, such as explosive chicken, chicken with a rocket and chicken with an automatic turret. All this is, of course, ridiculous, but believe me, it works where you do not crawl, a chicken with dynamite will crawl, and if it comes in direct contact with a dead person, it will work, thereby destroying the zombies.

How to play?
To start the game you need to log in and save your nickname, then go to map mode, where you can choose one of the available missions. Now you can start the bloody massacre. And by the way, the game is not intended for children under the age of eighteen and people with weak psyche, since everything terrible is just beginning.