Death Park

Often, it is clowns who become negative characters in eerie stories, including Death Park. A terrible horror invites fans of thrills to visit an abandoned park with a circus and attractions. There is no longer pouring children’s laughter. Evil in the form of a vile monster will haunt the hero of the horror story. To avoid a deadly meeting with him, he will be able to solve puzzles and look for ways to leave the unfortunate place.

Explore the location DEATH PARK: scary clown IT horror puzzle game 2019. Walk through all the gloomy buildings, do not miss the hospital, with its basements and labyrinths. Unravel all the puzzles and collect all the things necessary to understand the whole situation. Avoid all forces of the antagonist. He has perfect hearing and vision, remember this and do not fall into his eyes. What will be the final – show the passage, several options.