Dr. Psycho: Hospital Escape 3

Dr. Psycho: Hospital Escape 2 is a horror game where you are trapped in an abandoned psychiatric hospital and need to escape from there. Your goal is to find the hidden items and keys, unlock the hospital’s escape door, and free yourself from the psychopath doctor and his psychopath assistants. Hide from them in places like under beds, closets, and toilet stalls to avoid unwanted attention. Can you survive or will you be the next victim? If you haven’t played the first sequel of the game, you can play it here.


  • Sequel to the original Dr. Psycho horror game series
  • Large location: The hospital is connected by sewer, where you can find Crazy Clown
  • Intriguing story: Read documents all over the location to know more
  • Hide: Any bed and cupboard can be your rescue
  • Listen: Every strange, spooky sound can completely change the situation
  • Many characters: Dr Psycho, Meat Butcher, Sewer Clown, and Evil Doll.

Release Date

  • December 2023 (Steam)
  • January 2024 (iOS and WebGL)


  • Web browser
  • Steam
  • iOS


  • WASD or arrow keys = move
  • E = action
  • C = sit down, crawl
  • G = throw an item
  • Space = exit from the hiding place, close the document
  • Shift = run
  • Left-click = fire a flare gun
  • Tab = pause the game
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