Drift Boss

You can practice drifting in the entertaining online vehicle game Drift Boss. In this heart-pounding little casual gaming arcade, take control of strong automobiles, perfect the skill of drifting, and overcome difficult tracks. 

Although drifting is one of the most expert driving maneuvers, it has a high risk of injury. To maintain the angle, the goal is to turn sharply while alternating between applying the brakes, accelerating, and turning. You are challenged to do the same in this 3D isometric driving game, but this time, it could mean the difference between life and death!  


The objective is to travel as far as possible down a short track that will abruptly turn to get you to fall off and have to start over. You can use your finger, the space bar, or a mouse to operate the game on a PC or mobile device. 

Be careful not to fall off the platform as you maneuver your automobile around the bends. Drifting should only be done just before a bend to avoid missing it. As the game progresses, you will collect points that you may spend to unlock new automobiles in the garage.