The “DTA 6” game is a fun gangster simulator inspired by the famous GTA series! Even though this game has simpler graphics and functionality, unlike the original, its gameplay can still captivate players for a long time. You will have complete freedom of action to become anything from an inveterate gangster to a good citizen who will not hurt a fly. Collect your gang and rob everyone who is not lucky enough to meet you. Raise your authority on the streets to become a legend of the criminal world!


Accumulate enough money to buy new weapons. Visit the gun store, where you can choose from a vast arsenal of guns, from ordinary pistols to large-caliber machine guns. Use your sports car to move around a reasonably large location quickly. Also, thanks to the car, you can evade police chase in case of a crime. Perform exciting tasks, which will become a stable source of good earnings. So what are you waiting for? Start the game and go in search of adventure!

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