Evil Babysitter. Nun`s Curse

Experience fear like never before in the game Evil Babysitter Nun’s Curse, where your worst nightmares are set to come to life. Your antagonist is Sister Madeleine, a fearsome nun who uses her massive hammer to punish the trapped children. As you strive to flee the school, you realize that you’re not alone. To escape the horrors of the place, you’ll have to decipher various puzzles and unravel secrets.

Find safe spots in closets, unearth keys, and solve riddles to forge a path out of the dreadful house. But be wary – you have only five days to escape, or else you will face Sister Madeleine’s wrath. With the challenge to unlock over ten achievements and various difficulty levels, you’ll find new layers of thrill each time you replay the game.


  • Move around using the WASD keys
  • CTRL key to crouch and move quietly
  • Interact with objects by aiming at them and pressing E
  • If you’re unsure of the next move, press T for a hint
  • Use the left mouse to throw the book and divert the nun’s attention