Exit Path

Exit Path is a 2D jump ‘n’ run game through perilous traps and platforms. Aim of the game is to reach the exit without dying. Push arrow keys to move, jump or crouch. Hold the arrow up longer to jump higher. Hit spacebar or shift to flow if available and follow the exit path. Avoid the traps from stopping you on your way to the exit. There are rotating saws and swinging pendulums that have only one aim. They want to prevent you from getting where you want to get.

Play Uniplayer or Multiplayer mode, earn flair by completing missions or modify your character’s name, colors, headware and handware. In the menu you can enter a game, view the highscores or erase you player’s progress to start from scratch. Run for your life and try to collect as many signs as possible. The further you get, the more difficult each level will be, so prepare yourself for some epic runs. Have fun with Exit Path, online and for free on Granny.games!

Controls: Arrows = move, Spacebar = flow