Fear The Spotlight

Here is the demo of Fear The Spotlight, a horror, puzzle and exploration game that will allow you to discover the gameplay and original style of the title. This demo focuses on the story while the full game includes more puzzles and stealth monsters! The PS1-style graphics and third-person gameplay will immerse you in a unique atmosphere that is intriguing, oppressive and sometimes frightening. You broke into the school after hours with your friend Amy but things went wrong! Amy has disappeared into a long-abandoned part of the school following a fire and it’s up to you to explore the decrepit halls and reveal the secrets of this mysterious place.
Fear The Spotlight is an original creation made by two people who wanted to convey their love for horror games.

Programmer: Bryan SINGH
Artist: Crista CASTRO

You can get the full version of Fear The Spotlight Fear The Spotlight on Steam page of the game.