five nights at anime

I wonder how it feels when you wait all night for the monster to appear, and he does not appear? And maybe it appears, but only at the moment when you are not waiting for it at all, as it happened in the new FNAF Anime horror game. By the way, how many different characters we tried to stop, and who just didn’t try to attack the unfortunate night watchman, probably there wouldn’t be enough fingers and toes to list, first of all, these were animatronics of toys, princesses, various superheroes, and all of them, as one, only wanted one is the death of a guard. However, we always tried to help the watchman for five nights. This story is no exception and no matter how many anime heroes appear in the night pizza!

Here you can play for free an online game – FNAF Anime, the original name is five nights at anime.
Platform: Web Browser (PC only)
Technology: HTML5. Works in all modern browsers
Ability to play fullscreen
Age category: 16+
How to play?
You probably are not afraid to feel stress for five nights if you are ready to turn on one of the surveillance cameras and wait for the appearance of Miku’s, a beautiful animatronics girl, but do not forget that this is just a hoax, in fact, she only wants to kill your hero. You can still stop it, for this, you need to use the tablet screen and two large buttons – red and green! The green button turns on the screen and highlights the monster, and the red one can stop it. If suddenly you do not have time to stop the animatronics, he will swing and hit something heavy on the screen and, accordingly, your hero, the game will end.