Five Nights at Huggy Granny

Welcome to ” Five Nights at Horror Games ” creepy & scary place where you can tickle your nerves and get the right dose of adrenaline! Five Nights at Horror Games is first of all a large night room of the haggy lee mansion hospital for which you have to watch in the role of a security guard. Nothing foreshadowed trouble, but at one point you began to hear strange sounds and began to notice suspicious waggy creatures on surveillance cameras! Are you ready to start survival in the scary games? Watch from your office for the huggy lee and the evil granny grandmother and do not let them close to you. Watch the indicators and don’t let your electricity run out otherwise the mansion doors will open and the creepy monsters will quickly get to you! A large location of the horror wuggy hospital, switching between rooms on monitor screens, an amazing and exciting atmosphere, all this is waiting for you inside! Monsters will not stand on ceremony, they act quickly.

How to play

Follow the enemies using the cameras installed inside the mansion – you can switch between them using the mouse. If an enemy is close to you, close the door using the button next to it, or if you think that the enemy is near you, then you can light the doorway with the button next to it. If the enemy overtook you, then the game will start over.