Five Nights at Spike’s

You will have to survive 6 nights in constant danger. Total control and quick reaction are all you need to successfully survive in this mysterious house.All you have is a phone with cameras, a flashlight and a few tennis balls that were so lucky to be nearby. The power of the phone and flashlight are limited, so sometimes you will have to save energy by listening and trying to guess where the danger is now.

Why did you end up here? Why can’t you just run away? All this can be found out through the mini-games that appear after each night.

Controls info:

You just need to press the buttons (very easy). In dialogs – just press on the screen to see next line.

Here is a small guide:

Scare dog by throwing ball.

To protect yourself from elephant – hold balcony closing button(when he is on the balcony).

If he’s in your room – flashlight is the best solution.

Here are some advices:

1. If you find a bug then write in the reviews section.

2.If some game elements are cropped then press blue button in left down corner(that will make fullscreen mode).

3. Stay determined.