FNAF Security Breach

Sometimes terrible monsters may be hiding under a disguise that doesn’t raise any suspicions. For instance, can you believe the may be an evil creature lurking inside a usual mechanical toy? But you won’t be so sure about it after you meet Freddy! This teddy bear has spent his entire life in a pizza house where he was entertaining the little visitors with his funny dancing. One turn of the key – and the doll came to life. However, that also started happening without any human interference… The guard notices that Freddy began to move on his own at night. And then a series of mysterious murders took place in the neighborhood. Who stands behind them? It can’t be Freddy! Well, it’s up to you to decide after you play another chapter of FNAF!
This time the events will unfold at an even more grand-scale location. Despite all the enigmatic crimes connected to the pizzeria, the hangout has been enjoying wide popularity and finally decided to evolve a mere restaurant into a giant entertainment complex. You can imagine the number of visitors that flowed in on the first day. They don’t know yet that they are in danger! The army of demonic toys is waiting for the darkness to fall over the city – a time when they will be able to wake up and roam on their own. If any of the kids stays in Mega Pizzaplex for too long, the killings from the previous parts will continue! Can you escape the grip of the bloodthirsty mechanic dolls and stay alive amidst this nightmare? You have to hold out for no less than five nights to find that out!
There will be plenty of animatronics for you to oppose, including old characters and some new additions. But of course Freddie will stay the most dangerous and persistent of them. You can let this golden bear come too close or the murderous puppets will surround and kill you! If they catch you, they will skin you alive and turn into one of their own. And you’ll be destined to kill every night, just like they’ve been doing all this time… Show your steel nerves and survival skills playing FNAF Security Breach online and see if you can outplay Freddie and his awful friends!

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