Football Granny

Playing Football with Granny will take you to a neglected dark house, where you need to collect valuable little things and solve riddles. Try to find a secret door and get out of the nightmare cottage. The old woman will chase you and try to kill you. You need to avoid the villain or find a suitable weapon to cut it down. This will give a chance to inspect the house, without fear of the arrival of the granny. On the walls you will see posters with famous athletes. Yes, the old witch loves Messi, Ronaldo, etc. In the room you will see the ball. We do not recommend playing with him. Otherwise, the grandmother will react to the sound and immediately come running.

If you hear the steps – hide under the bed or in the closet. Sit quietly until the lady leaves. She put a bunch of traps in the hut. Be careful and do not run through the halls and corridors. In the scarecrow Granny Football you will get bright emotions and check the reaction rate. Only the most courageous and brave will be able to complete the quest and escape from this unfortunate place.