Fortnite 2

The most popular game played by millions of players from all over the world. The genre of this excellent game is shooters, so you must understand that you will have a weapon in your hands. A lot has changed in the second chapter, but most importantly, improvements have been made on all fronts. These are graphics, the presence of more cards, as well as weapons, where without it. In order to start the battle, you will need to choose a fighter, and after that, you fly by plane to the place of battle, and the battle begins there. Remember that everyone will fight for themselves, so do not particularly look for allies, although it will be possible to look for success in this direction. In the battle royale mode, you will fight against real players, so remember that it will not be easy. Carefully monitor your health and the number of rounds, this is important for the battle process. How long can you last being healthy?


Mouse – overview and shot
Shift – running
Arrows – Walk