Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria Simulator

If you like restaurant simulators, horror and pizza, and still have time to miss the ominous animatronics, then you will surely like this story, where all of the above harmoniously combined. You will again meet with animatronics, there will be five of them, but in the beginning not all will be available, some will have to be bought after earning money. You will get the role of the restaurant manager, you will decide a variety of issues and problems – from purchasing products to fixing animatronics. From morning till night you have to work for the good of the restaurant – to serve customers, amuse their children, watch animatronics and waiters so that they don’t do anything. In the light of day and with clients, animatronics will behave quietly and whether a number will cause you trouble, but be prepared for the fact that at night they seem to inhabit them. They will hunt for you, you will control them, risking their lives. For animatronics to be manageable, keep an eye on the ducts, they are very important, clean them in time. There are three endings that are possible in the simulator – the good one – you will buy all animatronics, and small visitors to the pizzeria will thank you; bad – you throw dangerous animatronics away to the landfill, after that no one will go to the pizzeria, you will go broke and lose your job. In the neutral ending, you will also lose your job, but it’s very simple – you don’t have to do anything, you will be called a lazy person and thrown out of work. Be sure to get to all the endings and do not forget to constantly develop the restaurant.