Friday the 13th The Game

Maniacs often become heroes of virtual fun, and you don’t always have to fight with them, it may also happen that you control the maniac and help him in every possible way to deal with the victims. This horror simulator will tell you the story of one terrible and cruel maniac killer. No one has ever seen his face, because it is hidden behind a hockey mask. And in the hands of the maniac a formidable weapon – a machete; the victims of this murderer can be a variety of people: women and men, adults and children, he does not divide them either by age, gender, material status or anything else. Everything in his mind is simple – he saw, caught up, killed. You can take his side or help seven potential victims not to become them. Since there are several heroes, you will need helpers – friends who are also not averse to taking part in horror survival. If you chose the side of the victims, then by hook or by crook help them stay alive. If you control a maniac, then go hunting. Look for and kill people one by one and do not let any desperate daredevil rip the mask off the maniac, because no one should consider him, even if for the last time, before death.