Garry’s Mod 2

In this version of an exciting adventure, you will have access to a much more extensive set of tools. Some of them have unique characteristics that can create balloons, duplicate the most ambitious building structures.
First of all, you will need to create your character, equip it properly, and arm it at your discretion. Then, your hero will be transferred to a special location, where he will need to determine the choice of unit for which he will fight. Moving forward will lead you to the alleged enemy, with whom your team will fight until the victorious end.


  • *WASD* or *arrow keys* = Move or drive
  • *mouse* = Move character/vehicle camera
  • *CapsLock* = Walk/run
  • *shift* = Sprint
  • *space* = Roll
  • *\* or *scroll* = Switch weapon
  • *g* = Get an item
  • *f* = Fight
  • *r* = Reload
  • *e* = Action button
  • *tab* = Show scoreboard
  • *t* = taunt
  • *v* = visua