Garten of Banban Obby

“Garten of Banban Obby” is a fun platformer where you will plunge into a whirlwind of dangerous adventures. The main characters will be in a scary kindergarten where famous monsters live. They love to scare children and constantly lure new victims to their lair. This time, you risk becoming their prey if you do not escape. But you can not just give up without a fight. Let’s try to hide from the bloodthirsty monsters and get to the cherished door to the exit!


The game consists of two modes – for one and two players. You can play alone or connect with your friends and make a pair escape. It’s always more fun together! Your character will be a baby from the world of Roblox. To save the baby, you must run away from Ban Ban, Banbalina, Jumbo Josh, and others with all your might. Along the way, overcome the traps and try to avoid nightmares. If the villains catch up, you can always start over and try to escape from the enemies again. Good luck!

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