Geometry Dash: Mr Dubstep

Welcome to Geometry Dash: Mr. Dubstep, a new game in the Geometry Dash Series. This time, its beautiful design and other surprises that you must uncover on your own will captivate you. As in the original, the objective is to leap over obstacles and travel as far as possible. Learn the basics and master this version!

This game will require you to undertake a perilous voyage across the neon universe. The mischievous cube will advance at an astonishing rate, leaving you little time to avoid obstacles. There will be many sharp spikes and deep pits around. To aid Mr. Dubstep in evading them, you must be as sophisticated and swift as possible. Occasionally, you will need to alter gravity and perform vertiginous leaps in space.

How To Play

  • LMB – Jump (can do double jump)
  • RMB – Drop (can kill enemies)
  • Space – Change Gravity
  • D – Boost
  • F – Special Power.