Ghost Bunker Escape 2

Ghost Bunker Escape 2 is a mysterious online game where the player finds himself back in an abandoned underground basement. You’ve managed to escape from a place like this before. I wonder if it will be possible to overcome infinitely many traps again? Ready to test nerves of steel and p

You are in a secret bunker, abandoned many decades ago. There are probably ghosts that are not ready to let an uninvited guest go so easily. Players are waiting for tricky puzzles that are not always “clicked” even by a talented genius. Your task is to collect 45 star artifacts to open the portal. Unlike the first part, where the player had to look for a way out of the bunker, in the second part he will have to explore the bunker, which, as it turned out, has several exits. During the game, the main character is a journalist-investigator. gets into various premises: underground, and aboveground, and even abandoned. The difficulties do not end there: during the exploration of the hero’s bunker, traps lie in wait, which can sometimes be very dangerous. Then go ahead, towards adventure!