Granny Simulator

Granny Simulator is a life simulator game. Here you will meet at once with two heroes, the life of one of which you will take control of. The plot tells about a small house in a quiet town where the grandmother lives with her beautiful granddaughter. Grandmother is already tired of everyday routine life and wants to put an end to this as quickly as possible, when her beloved grandson will resort to any actions to prevent the fulfillment of Grandma’s wishes. In the role of the grandson, you will use all sorts of tricks and even do crazy things to stop the actions of your grandmother. If you take up the performance of the role of a granny, you will encounter a variety of circumstances from which you need to find a way out, and then escape where your eyes are. And with the one and the other side to pass the game will not be so easy, because you expect traps, tricks and even danger to life. Grandmother should go to study at home to find useful items, which she can then use in the battle with her grandson. Granny has a lot of tasks at home and she needs to fend off an annoying child. Granddaughters, in turn, should not allow the completion of grandmother’s affairs.

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