Granny vs The Baby in Yellow

A fantastic blend of Granny and The Baby in Yellow, this game is a terrific example of both themes.
You will get the opportunity to play as The Baby in Yellow for the very first time, and you will be able to teach the terrifying Granny a lesson!
This is the perfect game for you if you are a fan of games about Granny and The Baby in Yellow, as well as if you enjoy playing with toys that go under the Monsters category.
Playing as The Baby in Yellow, figuring out how to make Granny confused, getting into trouble around the house, and screaming to drive Grany crazy are all part of the game. The objective of the game is to demonstrate that you are the head of the household.
Grandma has written down the guidelines for you to follow:

That is not permitted at all!

Being a fool around
Displace items in the air.
Create a commotion
Break things that are delicate.
Toys that are being thrown and broken

Be very obedient!

The implication of this is that you should perform all of the tasks in the opposite order!

The WASD keys control climbing, and the E key controls walking.
Shout about space.

Take this piece of advice: Don’t just sit there; get moving. Make an effort to fill up Granny’s craziness scale.
Make a break for it and get out of the room while Grany is cleaning it.