Awesome game Granny in the horror genre, where gamers have to escape from the house, which locked the grandmother. Now the hero must try to escape from the premises, but maximum caution and calmness will be required. After all, this terrible old woman hears everything perfectly well for her age and runs very briskly, so she is in a hurry to visit the hero if he drops some object on the floor. From her, of course, you can hide, but it is worth considering that you can not stay there, in order to get out of the trap there is only five days. The game is very scary, definitely scary than horror films, since the players practically participate in this nightmare themselves. Starting to play Granny Horror seems like it is impossible to find the necessary rooms and objects, no wonder, because the house is big and creepy, so a few hints will definitely not hurt anyone. This horror story has become quite popular and even sensational, the authors do not forget to constantly update their project to attract even more people who want to be scared. Now you don’t have to go parachuting to feel the adrenaline in the blood since at a safe distance you can get almost the same thing. Over time, the developers even decided that the game is not enough scary, so they made it even more terrible and difficult and compensated for this with new types of weapons, which you also need to get to. As in all games, it is always difficult to be a beginner, and there is no time to even think in a horror, as it is scary, but over time each newcomer becomes a professional. Up to this point, it will not be sweet, the house is big, it is difficult to understand where everything is located and how to complete the required tasks in order to break free before the grandmother finds a hero. Players start their way from a small room where a staircase is located nearby. The whole house of horror consists of three floors, including the basement, but it is worth being attentive, so hidden stairs can be located in some places. The character will go through various rooms of his grandmother’s house, where you can find boxes with important and useful items, including keys, hammer, wire cutters, and so on. It is important to be extremely careful and act quietly if the grandmother comes running, then gamers will have few attempts to see the white light again. If nevertheless, something similar happened, we must hurry to hide, for example, under the bed. This is a very difficult game, but you can pass it sooner or later.

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