GTA 4 online

Here is the game GTA 4 online, in which you will help one criminal guy to achieve credibility. It all starts with the fact that you were delivered by ship to one city, where at the moment you were already expected. You are probably known in a similar circle of people. The landing field you will need to find a car on the map, where a bang is waiting for you. Follow signs that will lead you to your destination. You will need to perform many tasks throughout the game process related to car theft, gang killings, robberies and drug sales. Of course, this is not the whole list of tasks that you will perform, so be patient and start playing. People walk in the city, as well as cars. You are able to pick up any car. You will eventually be able to earn money for weapons. The game is incredibly similar to GTA San Andreas.


WASD – move
Spacebar – Jump
R – reload
Left mouse button – shoot/attack
Right mouse button – scope
Mouse Wheel – Change Weapons
E – get in the car
V – change camera
Shift – side view