GTA 5 siren head

GTA 5 siren head, as it was heard, has remained, and this is not a millet, because the game is really cool, so people have been playing it for a long time. In this game, you will need to help the protagonist of the game in a special location from the car theft to do everything to come face to face with the same siren-head. The main character of the game is still that daredevil, so he immediately went to the same dark forest about which legends are made in order to personally see the tall humanoid protagonist. In order to start you will need to click on one of the two buttons that will be on the screen and only then the gameplay will go forward. Don’t worry, Siren Head’s antagonist is not that scary when examined carefully. Periodically, from his siren instead of the head, which emitted terrible sounds of missing people.


Mouse – action
Arrows – Walk