The game “GTA: 5” will move you to a big metropolis mired in criminal wars, showdowns, and drugs. Immerse yourself in its mysterious, but such an interesting story that you yourself can change. The main character of the game wakes up and does not remember anything. Everything that happened to him last night remains a big mystery for him that needs to be solved. Help him do this by completing various missions step by step and remembering together everything that happened to him.

First, go to the city center and eat well, then proceed to the tasks. To do this, always follow the signs on the minimap, they will help you find where the missions start. For each successfully executed assignment, you earn money and get a new flash of memories that opens the curtain of secrets to you about what happened to our guy. Having earned enough money, you can afford real estate, weapons and even your own car. If you pass the mission will become boring, you can turn into a fierce gangster and raise the whole city to your ears with your antics. But know that the police are on the alert and will do everything to stop this behavior. Have a nice game!