horror granny game

horror granny game – a fascinating project in the genre of arcade from the developers of the studio Dvloper. This project is the second horror creation of this studio about the adventures of a feisty granny in a huge house. In the new version you will see interesting locations, a greater variety of maniacs and a lot of exciting tests and puzzles on your way to escape from a terrible mansion. This toy is very atmospheric and exciting, has a lot of gameplay chips in the passage, which clearly confirm its relation to the theme of horror games. Due to the optimal work of the developers on the previous version of the game, you will see how high-quality this creation has become, which can provide players with good tasks and puzzles. You will again find yourself in a closed building and again you need help finding a way out of the terrible trap, however, as usual, it is absent and you have to get out of this nightmare by your efforts. Continually look for new methods to solve your problem and remember all the maniacs who roam very close and are just waiting for your miss. You will be pursued and sought by the most inveterate killers who, upon meeting, will immediately send you to another world. Be extremely careful and calm so as not to draw their attention to yourself and not provide an opportunity to find yourself very quickly in the period if you are not ready for this meeting. Check the horror of this terrible building on the strength of their own nerves, simply downloading Granny: Chapter Two to the computer. The project is completely free, so it is available for everyone who wants to reach the age of 16 years.