Horror Tale: Kidnapper

Horror Tale is a scary first-person horror adventure game for all ages. Children have been missing for a long time in Lakewitch, and you are destined to solve this creepy mystery. Who is the kidnapper, and why is he doing it? Where are the children disappearing to, and how to save them? In this episode, you meet your friend Harry, who has come up with a plan to save you and the kids of your neighborhood from the kidnapper of children while you’re waiting for the return of your parents. Together with him, you will try to fortify the tree house, so that the scary kidnapper will not get to you. On the way to your goal, puzzles, ice moments of fear, screams, unexpected twists and turns, and lots of fun await you!


  • Mysterious and fascinating story
  • Scary antagonist and interesting characters
  • Puzzles, riddles, and items to search
  • Nice stylized graphics
  • 5 diverse locations
  • Original author’s soundtrack

Release Date

  • July 2022 (Android and iOS)
  • January 2023 (Steam)
  • March 2023 (WebGL)


Horror Tale: Kidnapper is developed by Euphoria Games.


This game is a web browser game (desktop and mobile). We also have an Android, iOS and Steam version.


PC Controls

  • WASD = movement
  • F = action
  • C = crouch (If you crouch, the noise will be less)
  • H = hint menu
  • X = leave the item
  • G = throw an item
  • P = pause, skip cutscenes

Mobile Controls

  • Joysticks and buttons on the screen. Interface transparency and camera sensitivity can be changed in the settings.