Hospital Hustle

Hospital Hustle is an enjoyable management game that puts you in charge of running a bustling hospital. Your role is to provide top-notch care to all your patients by admitting them, treating them using various machines, and ensuring the smooth operation of your medical facility.

To keep your hospital running smoothly, you’ll need to supply the necessary resources to the machines for them to function properly. Additionally, you have the opportunity to hire doctors, workers, and receptionists to enhance your staff and provide the best possible care. Upgrade their skills and capacities to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

A key aspect of the game is maintaining the happiness of your patients. You’ll need to prioritize their needs and ensure their satisfaction by providing prompt and effective treatment. Keep an eye on the happiness bar at the top and strive to keep it at maximum level.

Are you ready to embark on this thrilling journey of hospital management? Take on the challenge, make strategic decisions, and build a thriving medical center that delivers exceptional care to its patients. Get ready for the hustle and bustle of Hospital Hustle!


Hospital Hustle is developed by Xenolia.

As always, good luck and Have Fun!