House of Celestina

House of Celestina : Yes, there are really terrible games and say that you have another horror – you have to say nothing, you need to see it with your own eyes, and it is even better to put on your headphones and turn off the lights, in which case the sensations can be really amazing. Of course, if you are a connoisseur of games of this genre. Celestine’s House is a game from this genre, and all that we said above belongs to it, therefore, having weak nerves and fearing the dark, it’s better not to play a new horror movie. And if you still decide, then be prepared to meet her, the one who immediately kills, and that’s it. But there is another way, implying a solution to everything that happens in the house and the main anti-hero, that is, Celestine! But finding a clue will not be easy and you will have to solve a single mystery and solve a single puzzle. We immediately warn that, past the main anti-hero, you may encounter a strange creature, creepy and terrible, but except that it will scare you, it will not be able to do more harm. Oh yes, so that you know it looks like a spider, but only instead of the body does it have the head of a woman.