ice cream 5

ice cream 5:For someone, unexpectedly, but for someone, the fifth of the famous ice cream man came out as expected. Rod reliably got everyone, so the attitude towards him is not too good here – he is an antagonist here. You just need to fight against him, because he abducts people. He stands in the center of the courtyard and is trying, by all means, to pick up your friends or acquaintances in order to freeze them. He uses a van to transport to his hut, and selling ice cream is like a cover. In this game, you managed to infiltrate his house, and you saw that now he wears a clown mask, and this is already a mystery, why is he doing this. Do not be afraid of him, but at the same time beware, because he most likely does not wait for guests, so act quietly and collect everything that seems necessary in the house.


Arrows – walk
Mouse Review
E – action