ice cream Roblox

How convenient it was to make purchases when an ice cream van arrived in the yard. Now far to go anywhere is unnecessary. All people in this game had such thoughts until they found out what kind of merchant they were. In the center of the courtyard is a van, and next to it is Rod, the same evil merchant from the popular ice scream game. The popular Roblox platform instantly reacted to the appearance of a new character, and the craftsmen created a game where this handsome guy will be in the lead roles. Since the game is multiplayer, then you will be together with other players to search for missing people. There are many characters that you can play for, before you go to the start, think about who you would like to play. Explore the area, maybe you can find something strange that will lead you to a place where people who bought ice cream from this merchant disappeared.

Arrows – walk
Spacebar – Jump
Mouse – Shot
B – throw the item