Ice Scream 5

The fifth part of the famous Ice Cream game. It has become even more diverse, so it will be extremely interesting for you to play it, so try it. If we talk about the full name of this toy, then this is the story of Mike. If you remember, in the previous part you were able to free your friends from the cage, although, of course, it was extremely difficult to do. In this part, all your friends find themselves in a huge ice cream factory, so you will be looking for them in different corners. Try to put them together so that you have the opportunity to defeat that very ice cream man named Rod. If we talk about new features, then it will really be here to switch characters among themselves to make the gameplay better.


Mouse – overview
Arrows – movement
Space – jump
E – activate or take an item
Q – hide item
V – throw an item
O – full screen
K – to be reborn