Idle Gun

Idle Gun is an idle clicker game where you earn coins for each shot discharged from a gun. You unlock more guns and various upgrades to speed up your earnings as you level up.

How to Play

Build a collection of self-shooting weapons

Starting with a Glock 17, build up a target practice full of autonomous weapons, upgrade them, and unlock exotic new guns.

Test your weapons in the trials

Beat the target before the time runs out! If you’re successful, you’ll earn trophy points and new weapons at certain stages in the game.

Permanently upgrade your stash

Use the ‘talents’ button to upgrade the weapon class in that section. You’ll find various weapon upgrades here, more of which are unlocked as you level up. Click the ‘trophy’ button to access global buffs – these stat increases affect all the weapons in your collection.

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  • Shoot targets to earn gold coins
  • Upgrade each weapon type and your entire collection
  • Unlock new weapons by completing trials
  • Earn idle coins while you’re away

Release Date

April 2022


Neko made idleGun.


Web browser (desktop and mobile)


Use the left mouse button to interact with the guns and in-game buttons.